New rules about hospital Chaplains

January 29, 2018

New Hospital Policy Regarding Hospital Visits & Chaplaincy

As a result of changes in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, our hospital chaplains no longer receive notification when a Catholic is admitted to a hospital. Parishioners are asked to notify your parish office before going to the hospital or when scheduling surgery and other admissions.

You can contact the chaplains at:

  • Regina General Hospital 306-519-1405
  • Pasqua Hospital 306-519-1380
  • Wascana Rehabilitation Centre 306-530-6511.

Catholic chaplains visit patients and their families to address any spiritual needs, to pray, to provide a friendly face and comforting presence, to talk about people’s fears and concerns, to bring communion, and to anoint the sick.

In case of emergency, patients and families can also call the hospital switchboard to request the Catholic Chaplain.

Key thing to know: Patients are sometimes reluctant to call a priest, perhaps because they think that means they are dying. However, many people will happily receive a visit from the chaplain. Chaplaincy includes much more than sacramental ministries. In addition to the full-time lay chaplains in each hospital, we serve through numerous hospital visitors as well as three priests on call for sacramental ministries.

Archbishop Joins Celebration for Fr. Jose

January 21, 2018

Last weekend, Archbishop Don Bolen joined in our Little Flower community celebrations. Not only was he on hand for our two masses, he also joined parishioners in wishing Father Jose all the best as he celebrated his anniversary of ordination at a supper on Saturday evening.

Twenty-two years in the priesthood, Father Jose said, has gone by in a flash. Although his parents and siblings are far away and they miss him very much, he reminds them that we, his family in Christ, also love him and make him feel at home here in Canada.

And while His Grace wasn’t making any promises, Fr. Jose did mention his desire to remain in our parish for a good many years to come.

We once again wish Fr. Jose a very Happy Anniversary!

Thanks, St. Augustine Staff!

January 12, 2018

Sugary sweets were the order of the day last Sunday! The two platters of donuts were continually refilled, and the coffee and juices provided extra fuel for the community gathered for conversation.

 Special thanks to our awesome friends at St. Augustine school who are never too busy to stop by and help out – here's Tricia Shynkaruk, Vice-Principal, and Paul Van Betuw, Principal, with Fr. Jose.